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Three 2U
Three 2U

Three2U is Joe Tenney, Jon Beuhner and Richard Talbot of Gilbert, Arizona.
"Deep Peace" is an amazing album! "One More Day" was recorded in memory of three special friends who died in their youth: Azure Starkes, Charlee Hawkins and Skylar Stock.

In 2008 while Joe's family was traveling between Heber and Taylor, Arizona (near Snowflake) they encountered an accident 30 seconds after it happened. Azure was alone with her 1-year-old baby. With the car upside down, Joe's son-in-law rescued the baby from the back seat unharmed and without a scratch, but as Joe administered CPR to Azure, she did not revive. Joe recalls an 'overarching' feeling and the undeniable peace of God that attended them at the scene of the accident.

Charlee was a good friend of Jon and Richard. As a teenager, she contracted cancer in her little finger. After the finger was amputated, she received the nick-name "Nine." However the cancer continued to spread through her body. Undaunted, she determined to graduate from high school even with the pain of her progressing cancer. She was finally disabled and her diploma was delivered to her at home. She died 45 minutes later.

Skylar's parents were good friends to Richard and his wife. Skylar was a fine husband, a good father and an excellent fire fighter. He was on a trip elk hunting with a good friend when a strong wind blew a tree over onto him in a freak accident. His funeral was attended by well over 1000 people.

Azure, Charlee, and Skylar have been great inspirations to many, including Three2U. Please watch this Three2U tribute:

Jon BuehnerJon Buehner resides in Gilbert, Arizona. Jon and his wife, Shelly, are parents of 3 sons and 2 daughters. He runs his family business, Buehner Precast, an architectural concrete product manufacturer. Jon is an accomplished guitarist and brings a country style to the group. Jon has performed in Summer Stock at the Playmill Theatre in West Yellowstone, Montana. Both alone and with his fellow trio members, Jon has performed at dozens of functions, concerts, and interfaith gatherings. Jon has performed several years in the Mesa, Arizona Temple Easter Pageant, including the role of Centurion. He is also a gifted poet. One of Jon’s specialties is cowboy poetry as well as having written and memorized many original works and humorous stories that he can recall at the drop of a hat to entertain an audience.

Richard TalbotRichard Talbot also lives in Gilbert. As a youth, Richard studied the piano and music theory for nearly a decade. He owns and operates a project studio, Euphony Sound, along with Richard Talbot Productions, and works closely with Jason Barney of Talmage Studio. His work experiences include a host of talented groups and artists such as “The New Christy Minstrels,” Dan Truman, Jason Deere, Rob Gardner, Sam Cardon, Lisle Moore, Randy Kartchner, Mindy Gledhill, Michele Baer, Debbie West Coon, Brooke White, William Joseph, Freddie Ashby, “Strive,” Scarlett and many more. Richard assisted with the choir and as mixing engineer for the first and second 'Reflections of Christ' projects, and as producer/engineer for Debbie West Coon’s first album as well as her recently released album “You are Loved.” Richard is also a voting member of The Recording Academy. Richard and his wife are most proud of their greatest accomplishments, their four children.

Joe TenneyJoe Tenney lives in Gilbert with his 3 daughters, 2 sons, 2 grandsons, and wife, Debbie. He is owner and manager of Golden Bee Productions, LLC, and has been involved in marketing, sales, production and distribution for more than 25 years. Joe set up the distribution for Jimmy Newman (Many Roads Records), and helped launch Gladys Knight’s landmark album “Many Different Roads.” He was also the original promoter of William Joseph, who is currently produced by David Foster. He has worked extensively with the Child Crisis Center, and The School of Life Foundation. Prior to marriage, Joe performed with BYU’s Young Ambassadors—touring Iceland and Scandinavia. He played the lead role of “Jed” in the community’s production of “Promised Valley” and has performed in several other productions, including: “Simeon” in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Joe has portrayed the male narrator for the past 11 years in the Mesa, Arizona Temple Easter Pageant, “Jesus the Christ.”

We invite you to check out our latest video of “The Star Spangled Banner,” which includes the last, and what Jon, Richard, and I believe is the most powerful and poignant verse of Francis Scott Key’s inspired work. We would love your feedback and hope that you will send this link to all those who hold a love for this great land of America in their hearts…and also to send it to those who maybe just need a “little reminder” of what this country stands for—the sanctity of the constitution which is being attacked on all fronts, and the incredible price of liberty that was paid (with blood) by so many valiant patriots, past and present. - Joe Tenney.

This is one of the best versions of the Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard - Carl Watkins