Joy Gardner

Though Joy Gardner is a familiar face to the many fans of mormon film, she has been singing and performing long before she was seen in film. Joy played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, performed in The Young Ambassadors at BYU, on Holland Cruise Lines as the lead singer, Eve in Children of Eden, Provo Theater Company’s Hoola-hoop-Sha-boop with her husband Quin as her fellow-lead, Mary in Savior of the World (also with Quin), Sister Larson in the Liken series, Laneah in Testaments: One Fold and One Shephard, and Sophronia Smith in Joseph: Prophet of the Restoration. (Joy Gardner is not to be confused with the gospel singer Joy Gardner).

Joy’s beautiful face, charming personality and acting abilities have won over many fans. But she isn’t only known for her film and on-stage performances. Her singing voice clear, strong, and expressive, and shows her sincere and tender style of musicality. Her album, There Is Hope (2003), includes spiritual songs, such as Where Can I Turn For Peace?, A Woman of Faith, and How Could I Ask For More?.