One Clear Voice

One Clear Voice is:
Tammy Simister Robinson (lower right),
Johanne Fréchette Perry (lower left),
Tanya Barkdull (upper right),
LaRene Tinney (upper left).

Four of the most talented LDS women bring their remarkable voices together to create the new vocal group One Clear Voice.

Eager to make a difference in the lives of women and men of all ages, they have filled their self titled debut CD with powerful and uplifting songs of Optimism, Faith, Encouragement, Family, Forgiveness, Relationships, Friendship and Testimony — songs that truly speak to a woman’s heart; yet reach out to touch everyone. One Clear Voice is an extraordinary blend of four great voices.

In addition to being musicians, the women are all mothers, with 12 children in all. That, too, is an important part of who they are. Barkdull speaks for the group when she says, "I love being a mom. But I also love that I can integrate music into my life; that I can keep that part of myself alive without being apart from my family."

What's also nice, says Perry, is that "no one's into the star thing. There aren't egos involved. We just like to sing together."

"It's all about the message," says Tinney.

"It's one that's strong, that we believe in," adds Barkdull.

"It's not about us," says Robinson, "it's about what we can offer to other people, what we hope to share through music."

- Deseret News, Friday September 8, 2006