Michael McLean

Michael McLean is a prolific song-writer who has hundreds of songs to his credit.

McLean attended high school in the Chicago area. He was the only Latter-day Saint in his graduating class, but served as student body president, and performed in the school's production of The Music Man.

McLean served an LDS mission in South Africa. After returning, he formed a band where they followed the club circuit, but never had a break. As a student at Brigham Young University he took a music theory class in which he received a "C" and was told that he did not have what it took to make it professionally in music.

Afterwards he attended the University of Utah where he took a weekly composition class with Merrill Bradshaw, and wrote music for Salt Lake City commercials gaining experience.

McLean finally quit college after his wife Lynne was in an auto accident. He made his first march into the limelight by writing commercials for the Church's "Homefront" campaign. He was then employed as the producer for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir from 1976 until 1993.

Michael McLean has produced more than 20 albums of original music, selling over one million copies since his 1983 debut, which encompassed the vocal talents of many popular singers including Felicia Sorensen Wolfe, Liz Draper, John Canaan, and Dave Tinney.

Michael McLean performs "Together Forever" at the end of his concert.

Michael McLean