Inside Out

Inside Out is a vocal band composed of Ryan Hinton, Paul Hatch, Jason Smith, Kimball Brown, Layne Haacke, and Ben Haacke. InsideOut began in 1997 at BYU in Rexburg, Idaho with brothers Layne and Ben Haacke inviting their hometown friend Kimball Brown to join with them, along with Ryan Hinton, "a real bass" and some other local singers. It started as a hobby, and they performed for friends and the local a cappella club. A couple of members left the group at the end of the school semester. So InsideOut replaced them with high tenor Paul Hatch, and vocal percussionist Jason Smith. They begun to improve and they were invited to perform around the BYU campus. As students, they are seeking college degrees with interests in languages, computer science, art, English, computer engineering, public relations, graphic design, and illustration. Members or InsideOut are also involved in student government university clubs, community service organizations, and comedy group.