SOS History

“Sounds of Sunday”

It started in 1976 at (Hot-AC) K-96-FM in Provo, Utah with Jim Burgoyne, their sales manager. Arbitron reported K-96 Sunday morning listening as nearly non-existent. Jim convinced the station management that SOS would be a service to their community, and they would have nothing to lose. Music for SOS was quite limited, but SOS was launched. Six months later Arbitron showed K-96 with a dramatic increase across the board in Sunday listeners. SOS had increased station community awareness - translating to increased weekday listenership.

In 2010 Jim was awarded the Radio Wayne honors at the RAB as America's best small market general manager.

In 1981 Jim became the general manager for (Hot-AC) KBLQ-FM in Logan, Utah. He quickly repeated his success with a similar program “Sounds for Sunday,” which continues to this day. Arbitron reported the same increase of listeners.

In 1987 Jim became the station manager for KBLQ sister station KLCE-FM, Blackfoot, Idaho, (AC) serving 7 counties of southeast Idaho from Idaho Falls and Rexburg to Pocatello and Blackfoot. Opposed by their Fairwest consultants, Jim implemented SOS from 6A-12N. And once again, Arbritron reported strong increased listenership during SOS. Today SOS airs from 5A-5P with continued great success. KLCE has been the undisputed AC leader throughout their 7 counties of southeast Idaho with typically 20 shares, but SOS has often generated 25-35 shares. In January 2012, Jim's contract at KLCE ended, and under new management SOS at KLCE started making changes, and the Glenn Rawson Stories which were a hallmark of SOS since 1997 moved to "EZ Sundays" on KQEZ-EZ Rock-106.3m (Pocatello 95.3), which is the first serious attempt to compete with KLCE SOS in SE Idaho.

In the mid 90’s, KOSY-FM in Spanish Fork, Utah (Soft-AC) built studios to Salt Lake City to position itself as a Salt Lake station. It’s upper dial position at 106.5, and its distant transmitter location handicapped them as they directly challenged FM-100 in Salt Lake City. Arbitron typically reported KOSY trailing FM-100 with about 60% as many listeners.

Remembering the success of K-96, John Hair who had produced similar programming for KMGR and KUTR in the Salt Lake City area proposed that "Sounds of the Sabbath" be aired on KOSY to the KOSY program director Paul Wilson. Paul asked John to present the idea to the station manager, and “Sounds of the Sabbath” was launched Sundays 7A-11A, with John Hair as the producer and host of the program. The community response was immediate and intense. For the first time FM-100 was receiving significant competition from KOSY. “Sounds of the Sabbath” was extended to 12N and KOSY continued to take more listeners from FM-100. Shortly thereafter, John and Paul helped friends create SOS for KRXQ in Vernal, Utah.

In 1999 Simmons Media, which owned FM-100, purchased KLCE. FM-100 manager Craig Hanson was amazed with KLCE’s success airing SOS and the strong impact of KOSY against FM-100 with “Sounds of the Sabbath.” Because of their common ownership, Jim became closer to Craig. Jim encouraged Craig to air a program like SOS on FM-100, but Craig remained reluctant for fear of losing their identity with their commanding audience during the week. However, Jim was finally able to persuade Craig, and so “Soft Sunday Sounds” was aired by FM-100 Sunday mornings to compete against KOSY. “Soft Sunday Sounds” once again added a great new boost to Sunday mornings with no negative effect on their weekday listening. Until recently KOSY owned by Clear Channel aired “Sounds of the Sabbath” 6:30A-7:00P; FM-100 owned by Bonneville International airs “Soft Sunday Sounds” 24 hours each Sunday. Since FM-100 has literally trashed KOSY's ratings every day at all times, KOSY recently changed to a rock format abandoning "Sounds of the Sabbath." FM-100 remains the leader of AC radio with their "Soft Sunday Sounds" each Sunday garnering even higher ratings.

Since 1976, much more music and greater quality recordings have become available for this musical genre. The programs are greatly supported and appreciated by not only the LDS community, but by people of all faiths. Paul Wilson of KOSY was not LDS, but he understood the impact of the program. Mothers dressing their children for church listen regularly. Among the listeners in Vernal, Utah are truck drivers who work Sundays at oil-rigs and natural gas harvesting facilities. They listen to SOS on (Hot-AC) Channel-X94 (KXRQ) from 6A to 4P. Many say, “It’s the only religion we get!”

Doug Barton, owner of KMTI, KLGL-FM, and KMGR-FM in Manti, Richfield, and Delta, Utah, reports similar success since he added SOS in 1980 to all of his stations. It adds warmth to his image and promotes loyal listeners all week long. Bob Morey, owner of KSRR in Provo, Utah, has also carried SOS with great success for over 20 years. Star-98 (KREC) in St. George, UT has aired SOS Sunday mornings since 1998. Recently their SOS schedule was lengthened to 7P.

The September 2010 Arbitron shows that FM-100 and KOSY dominate the Salt Lake market.
#1 – FM-100
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
--152,000 13.5
--25-64 Cume AQH % Share
---88,000 16.8

#2 – KOSY
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
---92,200 7.5
--25-64 Cume AQH % Shar
---46,700 7.1

The Eastland surveys also show that KLCE dominates the Idaho Falls/Pocatello, Idaho market.
Spring 2010 Sunday
#2 - KLCE
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
---21,205 13.8
--25-64 Cume AQH % Share
---15,812 14.3
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
---11,946 11.7
--25-64 Cume AQH % Share
----5,590 7.4
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
---12,665 8.8
--25-64 Cume AQH % Share
----9,470 6.8

Sring 2009 Sunday
#1 - KLCE
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
---12,605 11.2
--25-64 Cume AQH % Share
---8,426 11.8
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
---9,136 7.8
--25-64 Cume AQH % Share
---6,806 7.8
--12+ Cume AQH % Share
---12,752 15.1
--25-64 Cume AQH % Share
---10,931 23.l

Mountain America Sound now offers the syndicated “Sounds of Sunday” program to radio stations worldwide. Fresh new music is rotated with classic favorites, plus a popular feature on KLCE and KOSY, the “Glenn Rawson Stories.” This is a fresh new opportunity to attract new listeners and new sponsors to your station. See

“Sounds of Sunday” network of affiliates now includes 16 radio stations plus "Sounds of Sunday 24/7" streaming at all times with free APPs for smartphones and tablets:
Hot-100(KZDX-99.9), Burley-Twin Falls, ID - 5:00A-12:00N
KNYN-99.1, Fort Bridger-Evanston, WY - 6:00A-1:00P
Channel X94 (KXRQ-94.3), Vernal, Utah – 6:00A-4:00P
KTMP-1340, Heber, UT – 7:00A-12:00N; 1:00P-6:00P
KOAL-750 & 103.9, Price, UT - 8:00A-8:30A; 1:00P-3:00P
Majik-100.7 (KJIK), Safford, AZ – 5:00A-1:00P
Majik-101.7 (KQAZ), Show Low, AZ – 6:00A-11:00A
KBAR-1230, Burley, ID - 7:30A-8:30A; 1:00P-6:00P
KART-1400, Jerome, ID – 5:00A-8:00A
KITT-100.1, Soda Springs, ID – 8:00A-9:00A
KVSI-1450, Montpelier, ID – 8:00A-6:00P
KACH-1340 & 105.5, Preston, ID – 7:00A-9:00A
KLCE-97.3, Idaho Falls-Pocatello, ID (Blackfoot) – 5:00A-6:00A
KALH-95.1, Alamagordo, NM - 8:00A-8:30A
KDRP-103.1 & 100.1, Dripping Springs, TX – 6:00A-6:30A
WKEA-98.1, Scottsboro, AL - 9:30A-10:00A
WKAC-1080, Huntsville (Athens), AL - 11:30A-12:00N

“Sounds of Sunday” comments: We recently received this comment from General Manager Charlie Hall of KXRQ in Vernal, Utah who switched from his locally programmed SOS to our syndicated program: “Here lately I have received many thanks and good comments - some mention it from the pulpit, which I haven't heard very often lately until the new change with your program. So you’re doing great! I'm proud to program your service and grateful I have a tool (radio) to help the cause.”

Please contact me at your convenience to learn more and/or to become an affiliate.

Carl Watkins