Michael Severn - Watch the Lamb

Michael Severn was employed as a seminary teacher in Rexburg, Idaho in the late 90s. Glenn Rawson worked with him to present firesides. At that time Glenn was very impressed with Michael's rendition of "Watch the Lamb," written by Ray Boltz. So Glenn brought Michael into the KLCE radio studios to record it. The instrumental track was from a cassette tape. The recording became a favorite song on "Sounds of Sunday."

Sunday night, November 22, 1998, Glenn Rawson hosted a missionary devotional at the Tabernacle in Blackfoot, Idaho (now the Hawker Funeral Home). The devotional ended with Michael Severn's performance of "Watch the Lamb" with a local full-time missionary performing as a mime. Michael sang it live; occasionally he can be seen standing on the right side of the screen in front of the mic stand. However, the studio recording sounded better, so it was used for this video. The audience was brought to tears. The meeting was then concluded with a prayer from Marvlu Kesler who was still in tears as she walked to the stage.

We believe the name of the mime was Elder Williams. If you can verify this or provide more information about his identity, please contact us.

We did not know this video existed until around 2009. We thank Steve Thompson of Limelight Video in Idaho Falls for recording it that night and telling us about it, for dubbing in the studio audio, and making it available for us.

What an amazing performance and video!!! I believe it was a gift from God. - Carl Watkins

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