143L - Solomon and His Wisdom

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It seems altogether fitting at this patriotic season for me to tell you a story of one of the most successful governments in history and of the man who established it.

Solomon came to power when he was “…young and tender...” (*1) David the king chose him as his successor and the Lord ratified that choice. (*2) Under the reign of Solomon, the boundaries of Israel stretched from the Euphrates on the north to Egypt on the south, from the Mediterranean Sea on the west and beyond the Jordan to the east. (*3) Never before or since has [have] Israel’s borders been as far-flung as then.

Solomon entered into friendly and peaceful alliances with his neighboring countries. Vast amounts of wealth flowed to Solomon in the form of tribute and gifts from these foreign powers. He was renowned not only within his country, but beyond the borders of Israel. All nations and their kings sought unto Solomon to see him and to hear him. (*4) In fact the Queen of Sheba – she heard of him, and she didn’t believe that any man could be so great. So she came to test him and was overwhelmed! “Truly,” she proclaimed, “…the one half of the greatness of thy wisdom was not told me: [for] thou exceedest the fame that I heard.” (*5)

Well, among the tribes of Israel, Solomon accomplished the unprecedented. He united all of the tribes in peace and rest all his days. Indeed Solomon and Israel had no adversaries. (*6) His people dwelt safe, happy, and secure in their persons and property (*7) - and isn’t that what government is all about? They honored their king and they obeyed him, awed as it were by his greatness and majesty. (*8) And Solomon gave them wealth, power and respect. Even greater, he gave them the House of the Lord, and the manifest presence of God himself. (*9)

Solomon was the richest man on Earth. He made silver as the common stones of the street. (*10) His throne was magnificent, made of pure ivory overlaid with the best gold. Even Solomon’s drinking cups were made of gold. The amount of gold that came to Solomon annually was staggering, even by today’s standards. (*11) He was arguably the greatest, (*12) the richest, and the most glorious (*13) man of his time. Truly, because of Solomon, it was Israel’s golden age.

So I ask: How did Solomon accomplish all of this greatness? Simply stated, he didn’t! The Lord magnified Solomon exceedingly. (*14) Well, why? – Because Solomon was good. (*15) The Lord loved him for his righteousness (*16) - even appeared unto him twice. (*17) All that Solomon became began with his meekness and humility. “…I am but a little child…” he said at the time of his anointing. (*18) He considered his people great and as the Lord’s chosen people. He thought of himself as a servant, and did not make servants of his people. (*19) And for his goodness and lowliness of heart, the Lord endowed him with wisdom – a wisdom that exceeded all men before or since. (*20) So, by wisdom, or in other words, by knowledge and sound moral judgment, Solomon became the greatest man of his time.

Now, as then, so too now; in government and for government, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and – here it is again – ‘wise men’ [we] should observe to uphold.” (*21) Oh, the value of wisdom! Where is there a wise man? He has never been more needed than he is needed now. Surely, and I think you’ll agree, there have been enough fools and reprobates in power – haven’t there?

Glenn Rawson – June 29, 2010
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