120Q - Verda and Carl

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When God created Adam and Eve, both had God-given specific roles. Eve was to be the mother of all living. She and her daughters would be co-creators with God, and with that role it seems that He granted unto mothers that special inspiration necessary to protect and guide their children.

Sometimes we call this gift ‘mother’s intuition.’

The greatest calling that a woman can receive in this life is that of a wife and a mother. So on this Mother’s Day, I would like to share a special Mother’s Day story.

The producer of my stories on the radio since the beginning has been Carl Watkins. We have worked together as a team for many years to present these stories to you as a public service.

Carl’s mother Verda Louise Watkins [is turning 100 years old today.] [turned 100 years old on Mother’s Day, 2017.] Thus, I would like to share a special story of the timely inspiration of a good mother.

Carl’s father, Roy, enjoyed salt-water fishing in Southern California. On day Roy went fishing taking along his wife Verda, and 6-year-old Carl. While Roy began fishing, Carl crossed to the other side of the pier to swim in the ocean. Concerned, Verda asked Carl if it was safe. Carl reassured her that he had gone swimming there before, and there was nothing to worry about. Carl scampered off, but Verda still uneasy followed him.

Carl fearlessly charged off into the water, where immediately a huge wave buried Carl and slammed him down on to the sand. As the wave receded, it took Carl with it. As the force of the wave dissipated, Carl got up and began to run. But before he could run even five feet, another wave pounded him down and dragged him back into the ocean ever further.

Carl had never seen waves like this before. They seemed taller than a house. Three move waves hit in succession and dragged him out to sea. Carl was in a dangerous under-tow and he was losing the battle. Lying face down on the sand under the water, exhausted and starving for air, Carl felt that surely he was going to drown.

Terrified, he began to pray. The impression then came for him to drive his fingers and toes as deep into the sand as he could, which he did – just as another wave broke over him, and notwithstanding his death-grip on the sand, the wave continued to pull him out.

Just then Carl felt a hand clutch his left wrist and pull. It was Verda, his mother, pulling as hard as she could. Verda pulled Carl to his feet, and mother and son began to run. They barely escaped the next crashing wave.

Mother’s intuition, my friends, is a gift from the almighty. Because Verda obeyed that gift, her only child Carl was spared. If not, he surely would have drowned.

It is astonishing how obeying one simple prompting from the Spirit can have incalculable consequences in the future. Carl would live on to give Verda seven grandchildren, and her twentieth great-grandchild born in this same mother as her 100th birthday. Out of the small and simple thing of listening to a still small divine voice, the great thing of a noble posterity has come.

Happy Mother’s Day to Verda and to every mother who listens.

From a childhood experience of Carl Watkins in the summer of 1951 at “The Wedge” at Balboa in Newport Beach, California.

Glenn Rawson – April 2017
Music: “October” – Jay Richards
Song: “A Woman’s Heart” – Jenny Jordan Frogley