081N - Mary Ann Maughn

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Mary Ann Weston Maughn was born and raised in England. She and her husband, John Davis joined the Church, and soon thereafter her husband was killed by a hateful mob. Mary Ann decided to leave England and emigrate to the United States to Nauvoo, Illinois. Once there, she met and married a widower named Peter Maughn taking the care of his five children. In 1850 the Maughns joined with others and set out for the West.

Now, along the way Mary Ann kept a diary and her observations. Notably, one of the things that seemed to impact this pioneer woman’s sensitive soul was the suffering of the saints and the number of graves she saw along the trail.

Then, July 12, 1850, somewhere in Nebraska: Mary Ann’s little boy Peter, just three years old, was riding in the front of the family’s wagon between his brother and sister. They were looking at a cow that had lost a horn - a curious site - and little Peter lost his balance and fell before the wheels. The wheel of the huge wagon rolled over him. The little boy tried to get out of the way, but he couldn’t. And up came the second wheel. The wagon came to a stop with the wheel on his back. Seeing what had happened, men in the company behind ran up and lifted the wheel and took the little boy from under it. Mary Ann recorded the following in her journal:

“He was bruised internally so that it was impossible for him to live long. We [did] all that was possible for him, but no earthly power could save him. He did not suffer much pain. … The people left their wagons and gathered around mine, and all wept for the dear little boy that we knew must soon leave us. … He opened his eyes and looked so lovingly at us, then gently closed them and passed peacefully away, and left us weeping around his dear little bruised body. Then loving hands tenderly dressed him in a suit of his own white linen clothes. He looked so lovely. I emptied a dry goods box and Brother Wood made him a nice coffin…. We buried him on a little hill on the north side of the road. The grave was consecrated and we laid him to rest. Many prayers were offered to our Heavenly Father that he might rest in peace, and not be disturbed. ... We turned away in sorrow and grief. …”

And this, my friends, is but one example. There are many others. It is my witness that these pioneers endured incredible suffering and sacrifices for their faith. And if we claim the faith that they lived and died for, well, can we do any less?

Glenn Rawson - February 6, 2012
Music: Mary Ann Weston Maughn (edited) - Jennie Bangerter Larsen
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