078M - The Lone Goose

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I wasn’t sure, but something didn’t look quite right. As I got closer, I could see something was definitely wrong.

It was a bright cold December morning. I was out running along the river, and he was standing on the bare blue ice at the water’s edge all alone. That was my first clue. Geese mate for life, and this bird was all alone. Where was his mate?

As I drew nearer, I saw his right leg. It hung limp and askew beneath him not baring any weight. Now, normally after the seasonal hunt, the geese are wary for a time, but this bird just stood there and watched me as I ran toward it [him].

Finally, when I got too close for his comfort, he gave a little wobbling hop, and lunged forward into his take-off, but the leg collapsed under him nearly pitching him headlong into the water. With pity, I watched him struggle to get aloft – and he made it!

As he flew away, I watched him go up the river, his right leg not tucked unto his body, but flopping crazily beneath him. This was a goose destined to a difficult existence until someone or some thing prematurely ended his life.

Well, I went on with my run, but for days I couldn’t forget the image of that goose. That wounded goose is like so many of us, crippled for life by choices we made, or worse – foolish choices made by others.

Agency is a dangerous gift. Yes, we may choose; we must choose, but if we are not careful, we may permanently injure ourselves and/or others. And though the almighty sometimes rescues us from bad choices, my experience has been that a choice once made in mortality is a consequence to be lived with for a long time. Agency is a powerful gift!

Forgiveness for past choices may not – often does not – alter the mortal trajectory of those choices. And you know, somehow I think that is the way it’s supposed to be.

Therefore, my friend, be careful, chose wisely, and find peace where you are.

Glenn Rawson – January 2011
Music: Lead Thou My On (edited) – Jennie Bangerter Larsen
Song: Help Them the Angels Cry – Three 2U