077L - Thou Art There

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The wickedness of those people who died in the flood in Noah’s day was above that of all people in all the creations of God. Moreover, the flood was a great and terrible day! The suffering brought on by that event was unimaginable! Let me illustrate.

First, consider the suffering of those people left behind. As the windows of heaven opened and the deluge began, - think about it, they would have recognized their foolishness – “Oh, that we had listened to Noah!” As the waters rose higher, they would have clambered in panic to higher ground. Higher and higher they would have scrambled in absolute terror until that moment – that they were swept away.

And speaking of suffering, what of Noah and his family? For 120 years Noah had labored in love to save these people. But in the end, on that day, only his wife, his sons and their wives walked into the ark. When “the Lord shut him in,” who was shut out? Noah’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren died in that flood. We can only imagine the suffering of those on the ark as their loved ones perished outside?

And finally, still speaking of suffering, what was happening in heaven that day as cataclysm struck the earth? All of heaven wept. God wept! Yes, I know, God is perfect, and He sees the end from the beginning and understands. And Yes, God is the Father of countless earths like this one. And yes indeed, God was angry, indignant and displeased with the people of Noah’s day . Nevertheless, on that day He was there , He was with them, and He wept!

Why did He weep? - Because they were His, His children. He created them and asked them to choose Him and love one another. They refused. Therefore, they suffered and they would yet suffer the torment of the damned.

Now, who cares? – who cares that they brought it on themselves? It makes no difference. He was with them through it all, and wept – though they did not know it.

Now, there are times when we suffer for our sins. And even though such times are necessary and good for us, God stays with us. His heart never leaves us – not now, not ever! And at the earliest moment when He can make it stop, He will!

Glenn Rawson – January 2010
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