076J - Best the Waves

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 2.

For any of you that have ever felt overwhelmed and perhaps under-capable, if deep water is what you too “are wont to swim in,” then this story is for you.

A man once had a dream where he found himself “standing on a peninsula in the midst of a vast body of water where there appeared to be a large harbor or pier for boats to come to.” He was surrounded by his friends. Presently, a strong wind came up that increased into a raging storm, making the waters very rough. A ship began to leave the harbor and make its way “out into the channel.”

The man turned to his friends and he said to them, “that if they did not understand the Signs of the Times and the Spirit of Prophecy, they would be apt to be lost.”

Well, within moments, they witnessed the violent waves break over the departing ship. It “soon foundered and went down with all on board.”

The man then turned to his friends and declared that he believed he could best those waves and beat that storm. They laughed at him and they said he would drown.

Now he said, “The water[s] looked clear and beautiful, though exceedingly rough; and I said I believed I could swim, and I would try it anyhow.”

Again, they told him he would drown if he tried it.

Well, if he was going to drown then he’d have fun in the water first, and with that he dove into the “raging waves.”

He hadn’t gone far when a towering wave overwhelmed him – broke right over the top of him – but somehow he found himself on top of that wave. Then another wave crashed over him, and again he topped it also.

“I struggled hard,” he said, “to live in the midst of the storm and waves, and soon found I gained upon every wave and skimmed the torrent better.”

Well, shortly he discovered that he was able to swim with his head above the waves so that they wouldn’t break over him. He had swum a great distance and found that he was very much enjoying himself. Stronger and faster he became as a swimmer until both his head and shoulders were above the water, and he was swimming faster than any ship. The water then strangely seemed to calm. His body rose higher and higher out of the water until “finally [he] could tread on the top of the water, and went almost with the speed of an arrow.”

Now, he thought “it was a great sport and pleasure to travel with such speed,” and then, he awoke. (History of the Church, 6:194)

Now my friends, the Savior did many mighty miracles. He walked on water. Do you remember though that on the last night of his life He declared to His disciples, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do. (John 14:12)

Now, we live – right now – in the eve of time in a beautiful world fraught with raging storms, and violent waves. It is not for us to shrink in the face of the storm, but to dive in and figuratively swim with great determination. The Almighty will help us, if we’re faithful, until we too can overcome and tread above the storm. Look around! By the signs of the times it is not time to whine and worry. It’s time to work!

And by the way, I thought some of you might appreciate knowing – who was that man who had that dream? Well, it was a nineteenth century hero of mine, Joseph Smith.

Glenn Rawson – January 2008
Music: Steadfast in You (edited) – Jenny Phillips Chorus instrumental accompaniment
Song: Steadfast in You – Jenny Phillips Chorus with men