061ES - The Golden Rule

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Two millennia ago angels sang out in Heavenly triumph, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14)

The Savior is still the ‘Prince of Peace.’ So why is there so little good will now? Why in our day, do we live with ‘… wars and rumors of wars…”? (Matthew 24:6) Why do we have pestilence and plagues approaching epidemic proportions? Explain to me, if you please, the logic of ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ Why? Terrorists: Why do we have them and their twisted minds? Why is it that entire populations will be decimated this next year by AIDS and starvation? Why do earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and other disasters increase and ruin lives and property incalculable? Why is it that there are those all over the world who will rape the land for greed? What has happened to us? Has our world gone crazy? Why is there so much anger and hate? Why are there so many people so unhappy and [why is there] so much heartbreak and abuse in our homes? – Because we have not understood.

There is a doctrine of the ‘Prince of Peace’ so little considered, but so powerful in scope that if applied would literally change our world. Other than in His atonement, there is perhaps no other teaching so closely connected with our Lord’s ministry.

The awesome power to change our lives, our families, and our world lies in a simple formula when Jesus said, “…all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them…” (Matthew 7:12; 3 Nephi 14:12)

As the love of men ‘waxes cold,’ think of the global warming of hearts that would come
if all men treated each other as they would want to be treated. Now, what does this rule mean?

Well, it means this: How should I treat my wife? – like I would want to be treated if I were her. Now you recognize that in order to do this I must place myself in her mind, and her heart, and then act.

Now, I know that some will scoff and say that this is nothing more than ‘words in the wind,’ or ‘pie in the sky,’ that it’s – it’s not practical. Well, please explain to me how war is practical. Where have threats and hate and envy and greed ever made this world better?

Now, I’m not saying that there’s not a time to fight. But if we’re going to fight, let’s do it on the Lord’s terms.

When an adulterous woman was thrown at Jesus’ feet to be condemned, He wouldn’t. When others shunned publicans and harlots, He didn’t. When the disciples wanted to send away a pleading gentile woman, He wouldn’t. While everyone else ran from a man possessed with a legend of devils, Jesus went to him, and healed him.

And as for vengeance: Ah, when Jesus suffered and bled in Gethsemane, remember, we caused that. We hurt Him in a way unimaginable. Yet He didn’t come out of that experience bitter and resenting us, but He loved us all the more. They beat Him, mocked Him, spit in His face, and pieced His brow with thorns. They twisted His words, clamored for His blood, and stripped Him of His garments in public. Yet with quiet and powerful dignity, Jesus stood it returning good for evil; love for hate. He didn’t give them what they wanted, but gave them what they really needed.

As the Romans crucified Him, He even asked that they be forgiven.

My friends, ‘the Golden Rule,’ not the rule of gold, was the rule of His life. And can anyone doubt that He changed the world for good. Returning hate for hate only breeds more hate.

Where are you Christmas? Why have you gone away? Why can’t we keep you all year long?

We can. The Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ. This year don’t lose it. ‘…love thy neighbor as thyself’ (Matthew 19:19) is the law, and the Golden Rule is how we do it.

This year, give the real gift of gold, ‘the Golden Rule.’ Shake this world to its core. Start with your family, and let love become a global epidemic. It will work; I know it will; I promise!

Peace and good will will come.

Merry Christmas, and God bless us to do this – before it’s too late.

Glenn Rawson – December 2003
Song: Where Are You Christmas? – Lauri Carrigan