050M - Ezra and the Law

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It seems to be a truth that we mortals often do not appreciate what we have until we don’t. May I illustrate?

The people of Judah were destroyed as a nation, and carried away captive into Babylon where they remained for some 70 years. Then Cyrus, the King of Persia, moved by the Spirit of the Lord, gave leave for those Jews who so desired to return to Jerusalem, and rebuild the Temple. (see Ezra 1:3).

Under Zerubbabel, some did so. But those many years in captivity had cost the Jews so much of their sacred heritage. They had become corrupt in their law, their language, and their worship. Many Jews never returned to the Holy Land at all, and were swallowed up in gentile society. And for those who did go back to their homeland, there came a day – a powerful moment – of sacred awakening! This is what happened:

Ezra the Priest, journeyed from Persia back to Jerusalem taking with him the Law of Moses, and an understanding of it. (see Ezra 7: 6, 10). And on a specific day “…all the people gathered themselves…” (Nehemiah 8:1) and asked Ezra to bring forth the law. – ‘Bring us the scriptures!’

He did so, and when Ezra opened up the book, the record says, “…all the people stood up…” (Nehemiah 8:5), and then “…they bowed their heads and worshipped the Lord…” crying “…Amen, Amen…”. (Nehemiah 8:6) Now that is respect for the scriptures!

He then began to read. And the record says that he read from “…morning until midday…” and quote, “…all the people were attentive…” (Nehemiah 8:3). Can you imagine?!

And not only that – Teachers stood by who gave the people a sense of what the scriptures meant; they interpreted the word for them. (See Nehemiah 8:7-8).

And at the conclusion of the experience, the record says, “All the people wept.”

The day was proclaimed as holy. (see Nehemiah 8:9). Israel was changed! From that day forward, the scriptures – the Holy Scriptures – were read, revered, and followed in a way that had not happened since Moses. (see Nehemiah 8:14-18).

Now I say this kindly: How’s scripture study going at your house? You know, there’s never been a day in the history of this planet when the precious word of the Lord has been more plentiful to more people than now. Thank God!

Glenn Rawson – November 2010
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