049m - Adam's Dream

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Not long ago our family was gathered around on a Sunday night taking turns sharing something we had learned. Oh, we heard everything from the profound to the goofy. Then it came to nine-year-old Adam, and he told us of something he had learned when he was about six.

It was during family scripture study. A verse was read that told

Adam that if you do something wrong, you should pray to Heavenly Father, and He would come down and touch you. Well, the lesson stuck with him.

Not long after that, Adam had a dream. In the dream he had done something very wrong, and he felt horrible. And then he saw a bright light. It was the Savior. He came down and spoke to Adam, telling him that if he would go and say he was sorry, he could feel better. Jesus then stretched forth His hand and touched my little boy. Adam said the touch made him very happy, and made him feel as though he could do this.

He went to his little sister, and said he was sorry. As he did, he described that he felt good. He felt righteous and sin-free from that moment forward. Over the next week, the dream came back to him again and again, and each time it did, he said he felt good about repenting.

Well, I asked him what he learned from the dream, and my little man said, “If you repent, you can always feel good about yourself.” And he’s right.

Glenn Rawson – November 2010
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