049AR - I Love You

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 1.

Do these words sound familiar? “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) Those words are true.

Not long ago, someone I know had a simple yet profound experience that I would like to share.

Like many of you, he has many responsibilities that vary from urgencies to emergencies, depending upon the day. It’s all he can do most times just to keep up, let alone get it all done well.

On this one particular day, he had begun that morning sometime around 5:30 A.M., and had run frantically all day long with the responsibilities of the day. That night as he knelt in a private place to pray, he poured out his heart to his Father In Heaven expressing thanks and seeking strength. The prayer was not unusual. It was typical of so many thousands that he had offered before. However, as he closed that prayer in the name of the Savior and said ‘amen,’ in that split second before he could rise to his feet, a voice as clear and distinct as mine came into his mind.

It said simply, “I love you.”

The most compelling feeling of love accompanied that voice. Not only did he hear the words in his mind, but a feeling of love and warmth, and comfort, something like a heavenly hug filled his soul. Tears came to eyes that seldom cry. For a few minutes he remained on his knees basking in the heavenly embrace, letting it wash over and through him. When he finally arose, the burden was gone. His entire outlook was changed. Peace and happiness, and confidence replaced the exhausted despair that had been there only a few minutes before. He could do it. Once again, he could go on and face another day. The burden no longer seemed so heavy.

My dear friends, maybe it’s trite to say, but it really is true – I know it is. God is there, and He hears us and He answers our prayers. He loves us. It is not only possible, but inevitable that He will help us carry our burdens, even the mundane ones, if we will work as if all depends on us, and pray as if it all depends on Him.

Glenn Rawson – October 1999
Music: I Love You – Michael Leavitt
Song: Perfect Love – Felicia Sorensen