045m - Hound of Hell

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I would like to tell you the story of a dog I know. For lack of a better name, I’ll call him “Ol’ Scratch.”

Now, I first encountered this non-descript mutt in a small town in Wyoming several years ago. I remember the first time I noticed him, I was passing through the town on my way out – when he suddenly erupted out of his yard, and chased my truck down the road for about 100 yards, running as hard as he could go, yapping and barking, and growling as if he would eat me alive! And then when I came to his property line, he slid to a stop, turned, and trotted back to his yard.

Now that was years ago. That dog is still there today, and he is still going at it. Each and every time I pass his yard, he explodes out in a fury, and comes after me like one of the hounds of hell. Now, he’s gotten older, but he has not slowed down, nor is he any less dedicated to his cause. He has grown very strong with all that chasing!

Now you know, I’ve noticed a couple of things a little strange: He doesn’t pay any attention to the little guys, the cars that pass his yard, just the big trucks. I guess that’s because for some reason we are a particular annoyance to him. Also, he never gets close to me, but he runs alongside the highway on the deep path that he has carved into the gutter. He runs ‘the low road’ I guess you could say. Also, he never pays any attention to me when I’m coming into town, into his domain. It’s when I’m going the other way, when I’m leaving him, that’s when he becomes enraged!

Now, after passing him so many times, I’ve thought a lot about that dog. He has come to epitomize a passionate commitment to a wasted cause. He’ll never win; he can’t physically hurt me – as long as I stay in my truck. The best he can do is distract me, or maybe slow me down.

Why? – Why does this dog hate me? I have no idea! But I have a pretty good idea what he’d do to me if he caught me.

You know, he reminds me of someone else I know. His name is Lucifer.

Glenn Rawson – November 2010
Music: Benevolence (edited) – Lex de Azevedo
Song: Safety of His Arms – Lauri Carrigan