044BR - Somebody's Mother

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The Savior said in Matthew 7, “With what measure you meet, it shall be measured to you again.” (Matthew 7:2)

As we obey the golden rule, we will experience a golden return. May I illustrate?

Many years ago on a cold January morning, Max was on his way to school. As he walked along he became preoccupied, like boys will, with throwing snowballs and sliding on the ice. Then suddenly he noticed the time. If he didn’t hurry up, he would be late for school. So he began to run. As he ran along, he noticed up ahead a small figure off to the side of the walk clinging to the fence. As he got closer he could see that it was a small elderly lady, and she was very frightened.

He was about to hurry on by when a voice seemed to say to him, “She needs help.”

Max stopped and walked back, placed his hand on her arm and asked if there was anything he could do. Shakily, she turned and took his hands, and explained that she had gone out for a walk and had almost fallen on the ice, and was now too afraid to try to make it home alone. Max offered to help her.

“I’ll be late for sure now,” Max thought as he observed her small slow deliberate steps.

Then another thought came into his mind: “She’s someone’s mother.”

A wonderful warm feeling accompanied that thought, and Max forgot all about being late for school.

Well, when he’d finally helped her up the steps to her front door, she turned and once again took his hands in hers, and said in a soft sweet voice, “God bless you, my son. I pray that some young man will be there to help your mother when she needs it.”

Well, many years later when Max was grown with a family of his own and living in another city, his father became ill one winter and spent some time in the hospital. Max and his sons made several trips down to his parents’ home to assist his mother. But one day while Max was at work and his sons were at school, a heavy snowstorm struck. His mother went out and began trying to clear it away. As she did so, a young university student happened by and saw her. He laid down his books, went to her, took the shovel out of her hand, and cleared all the walks and the driveway.

When Max’s mother thanked him, he replied, “[Ah,] that’s all right. I’m away from home going to school. Maybe someone else will be there to help my mother.”

My dear friends, when we give love, kindness, and friendship to others, it not only blesses their lives, but it swells our souls as well, and will turn back to our own growth. Thus, when the Savior said that those who lose themselves in the service of others will find themselves, that’s true – they will find themselves, simply because there’s just so much more of them to find.

Have a good day.

Adapted from “Someone’s Mother” by Max Bonnet, New Era, February 1978, p. 23.
Glenn Rawson – November 2000
Music: “Somebody’s Mother” – Michael Leavitt
Song: “My Mom” – Dean Kaelin