042 - A Spider

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Years ago, I learned a lesson from, of all things, a spider. One day while I was walking home, I passed under the eves of a building, and noticed a very large spider web, and perched on an upper corner of that web was a very large spider.

I don’t know what came over me, but an idea suddenly stuck me. I bent down and picked up a small twig, and threw it into the spider’s web. It stuck!

That spider was on that twig instantly. It didn’t take him very long to determine that this wasn’t lunch, and what he did next has always impressed me. He grabbed that twig, and with his legs he cut the strands of the web holding the twig, and dropped it back on the ground at my feet.

I was intrigued! I wondered if he’d fall for it again. So – reaching down, I grabbed the twig, and I threw it back up in the web.

And again, it was the same reaction as at the first. In a quick hurry, that twig was back on the ground.

This was a very determined spider! But, I – I – I couldn’t let it go.

You can call it spider harassment if you want, but I picked up the twig, and I threw it back up in the web again. By now his web was getting quite tattered.

Again, he pounced on that twig and he threw it right back at me.

I decided that any creature that determined deserved my respect. I left him in peace. I left his web in taters, but I left him in peace.

Now, the point: How like that spider we should be. There are foreign influences which pollute the webs of our lives constantly. They are thrust upon us through television, the internet, the printed page, our music, sometimes even our friends and our acquaintances. If only we were as quick to throw out this pollution as that spider was.

Obviously the process of severing such things from our lives can be painful and even seem self-destructive. But you know, I have never met a man who was sorry he undertook the surgery of repentance.

Glenn Rawson – November 1997
Music: Old Testament Video Songs, track 12 – Dan Carter
Song: Let It Go – John Batdorf