040m - Being a Dad

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I came home from work one day and sat down to work on another project when my phone rang. It was one of our married daughters. She said, “Daddy, I’m a little depressed,” and her voice cracked as she said it. Then I knew I needed to listen.

She went on to explain how she had just spent all day working on a project to help her mother. And then she finished and looked around, and her housework had gotten behind – her house was a mess! And when she saw it, she just felt overwhelmed. To make matters worse, her husband was gone for two weeks, and ah, she missed him. And then to top it all off, her little daughter had head-butted her right in the eye, giving her a black eye.

Well, that’s when she called me. She needed someone to vent to while she figured out the best way to finish out the day. We talked for a while, and – and I think she was feeling a little better.

Now I was sitting on the sofa in our front room still talking to my daughter in Texas when the front door opened, and another daughter walked in, put her books down, and came straight over to me, not saying a word. And then she did something she has not done in years. She sat down on my lap and snuggled into my chest. This was something she used to do all the time, and I realized at that moment how much I missed it.

I held here while my other daughter and I wrapped up our conversation on the phone. Then I turned my attention to the daughter on my lap. Clearly she was having the same kind of day as her sister. It didn’t take much to get her started talking, and oh, baby, she had indeed had a bad day! She was upset, and the tone of her voice proved it! She vented on me – now, mind you, not ‘at me,’ but ‘on me’ – with great volume. Now, when she finally wound down, I think she felt better; she went her way.

I’ve lived long enough to see what some people consider of great worth in this life. And may I say: For me, the thing of greatest worth is to live so that someday we can merit the love and trust of God, and of our family. I love being a dad.

Glenn Rawson – October 2010
Music: Love Is Spoken Here (edited) – Michael Dowdle
Song: Love Is Spoken Here – The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra