040J - Blizzards of Experience

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 2.

Life is a journey, and Heaven is a real destination. There is only one road home to the Father, and that road is straight – or in other words, it’s tight, and it’s restrictive. Now, that road is surely a scenic byway and a great adventure, but it is not casual traveling.

Late one night as I was traveling home from Salt Lake City to Idaho, I ran into snow. As I went north, the snow became heavier until it was a blizzard, and then it was a whiteout. Huge wet flakes driven by wind obliterated the painted lines and the road markers. I went slower and slower until I was barely moving. I couldn’t stop though, but I also couldn’t move. It was a maelstrom of swirling white. I couldn’t tell where the road was. In fact the front of my car suddenly dipped out from under me, and I knew I’d driven off the road. I corrected quickly. There – there seemed to be millions of flashes of reflective white lights streaming at high speed into my windshield blurring my vision and spinning my head. Aw! – it seemed never to end – mile after mile.

And you know, every car that I saw that night passed me. I tried, but I could not keep up with them. How could they go so fast in such a storm? But doggedly, I kept going gaging where I was on the road by the reflector posts on the side of the road. And there I was with the gutter on my left and rumble strip on my right, I went up and over Malad Pass leaving a track that would have resembled the waddle of a drunken duck.

Finally after some 50 miles, the storm cleared and I stopped for a break. I walked around the front of my car and did a double take at my headlights. They were packed with snow! I had come all the way through that storm with no headlights. No wonder I couldn’t keep up! Now running a blizzard at night is crazy enough, but going it with my own lights dimmed, well, that’s just dumb! That was the worst blizzard I have ever experienced.

Now, Jesus has already traveled the entire road from Heaven to Hell, and back again. He ascended to the highest heights, and descended to lowest depths. No one knows the road of human experience better than He does.

Now, please understand: Jesus commanded us to ‘abide in Him.’ ‘Abide’ means, ‘He’s our home; we live in Him – permanently; we live for Him.’ But He also said that as we traveled the journey of mortality, we would be called to pass through tribulation. Do you see the difference? Misery comes when we get that mixed up. We are to abide in Christ and pass through tribulation – not pass through Christ as though he’s a weigh-station and a road sign, and then abide in tribulation. To pass through Christ is to ever and always abide in trouble; the storms will never end. There are too many of us that dwell on our problems and live in them, rather than living in Christ and letting the problems pass.

I promise you if we will abide in Christ, tribulation will always pass, and moreover, it will pass through us – making us wiser, smarter, and stronger. It will always end, my friend, in a small moment. The master will see to that.

You know that tribulation and opposition in mortality are gifts. They teach wisdom; they teach virtue. Jesus could not have been the Christ without the experience of tribulation, opposition, and pain.

Can have any less be asked of you? – no. So, go forward – in faith.

Glenn Rawson – October 29, 2007
Music: Seasons – Kurt Bestor, tracks 7 and 11, edited
Song: Be Still My Soul – Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra