025R - Shellie

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You know, so much has been said recently about the failings of our youth, about their lack of caring and their callousness, and their self-centeredness. That is not completely true. There are those among them who are radiant examples to all of us of Christ-like love and acceptance as this recent story illustrates.

There were the typical homecoming festivities at Murray High School in Utah. Forty different girls were nominated for homecoming queen. Of these forty, ten were voted as finalists. Shellie and April were among those finalists.

Shellie’s parents, of course not wanting her to be too disappointed, counseled her to be a good sport in case she didn’t win.

Well, the student body voted, and on Thursday night, September 25, 1997, when Shellie’s name was announced as the homecoming queen, Murray High’s gym erupted into thunderous applause. As Shellie’s father escorted her out onto the gym floor, they were met with a standing ovation. Students, teachers, and parents wept openly.

One of the students, a young lady named Amy DeNeff, said “I’m so happy. I cried when they came out.”

Another of the students, Susie Gobble, a Queen candidate herself, said she voted for Shellie. “I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

Why? Why all of this?

Shellie was born with Downs Syndrome, and April, her first attendant, is physically and mentally disabled.

Where is real beauty?

Experience of Shellie Eyre, Daughter of Ted and Ruth Eyre, from The Deseret News, Sept. 26, 1997.
Glenn Rawson – October 1997
Song: I Am a Child of God – Afterglow