019C - Orange Juice

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 1.

It seems like whenever I get into a conversation with people about popular movies, there’s a line that always goes something like this, “Oh, there’s just that one little part you have to worry about – but other than that, it’s a great movie!”

You ever heard that line? A - well, to me that’s an instant danger signal – there’s something wrong. Well now, in regards to movies like that, I have a story.

One Sunday afternoon we were just finishing our family dinner when somehow the conversation turned to popular movies. One of my daughters mentioned a very popular movie that had one of those very objectionable scenes in it. And she said something like this, “Dad, what’s so wrong with that movie? I’d really like to see it. We can always fast forward that two minute part.”

Now, she knew about the bad part in that movie. She knew it was wrong, but the rest of the movie had captured her imagination and she wanted to see it.

Now, therein lies the problem. People’s taste in music and movies is an extension of what’s in their hearts. So to criticize their movies or their music is to criticize them, and they take it personal[ly].

Well, instead of arguing with my daughter, I remembered something a friend of mine had done in a class. Sitting on the table was a pitcher of orange juice with just one cup left in the bottom. I poured that last cup, held it up, and asked her if she wanted it. Now, my children love O. J., and of course she wanted it.

“Okay then,” I said, “follow me.”

With most of my children curiously following, I took the glass of orange juice and walked into the bathroom. I reached into the toilet with another cup and dipped out some toilet water. Ever so carefully, I poured just one tiny drop of toilet water into the orange juice.

I held it out to her. ”Here you go,” I said.

She screamed! – and ran out of the bathroom.

“But, honey,” I said as I held it out to her, “It’s only one little drop.”

“I don’t care!” she yelled. “It’s yucky!”

You know, I could not get her to come within ten feet of that glass of orange juice. I finally had to pour it out, and – well, you know where.

Now since that time, I have not had a single argument with any of my children about which movies they should be watching. I hope I never have to.

The prophet, Isaiah, once said, “… be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the Lord.” (Isaiah 52:11)

To my way of thinking, it is time! For the covenant people, it is time!

Glenn Rawson – July 2001
Music: Orange Juice – Deanne Casperson
Song: Promises I Keep – The Trio: Becca Rammel Whyte, Angie Herbst Micksell, Rachel Phelps Hanson