015 - Daddy

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 1.

The Psalmist said “… children are an heritage of the Lord” and “Happy is the man that hath [many] of them.” (Ps 127:3, 5)

Not long ago I was sitting in a church meeting with my youngest daughter, my four-year old, on my lap. The congregation was singing. My daughter, not terribly interested in singing, became fascinated with my pocket hymnal, which has my name embossed on the front.

She reached up and grabbed my head and pulled it down where she could speak in my ear.

“Daddy, whose name is that?”

“Well, that’s my name, Honey. See,” I said whispering, “Glenn Rawson.”

My daughter is very matter of fact and minces no words.

“That’s not your name!” she said.

“It – It’s not?”


Suddenly I was very curious to know who my daughter thought I was. So I asked, “Well, then what is my name?”

She didn’t even hesitate. “It’s Daddy!”

It’s hard to describe how that statement tugged on my heartstrings, but it did. Still, I felt that she ought to know that all daddies have other names too.

So I said, “Well, that’s true, Honey, but I also have another name. It’s Glenn Raw…”

“No!” she said firmly. “Your name is Daddy!”

I gave up trying to change her mind. I just smiled and hugged her. Since that time, the name ‘Daddy’ has become more special to me. My hope is that as time goes on, she never becomes too old to think of me as her ‘Daddy.’

Glenn Rawson – June 1997
Music: Old Testament Video Songs, track 11 (edited) – Sam Cardon
Song: Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle