014M - Jezebel

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It was once wisely observed that “…our Heavenly Father is … more boundless in His mercies, than we are ready to believe or receive, and at the same time, more terrible to the workers of iniquity, more awful in the execution[s] of His punishments … than we are apt to suppose Him to be.” (*1)

Well, may I illustrate?

By the time of the prophet Hosea in the Old Testament, the nation of Israel had sunk to such wickedness that they were only days away from awful destruction at the hands of Assyria. Now what had brought the chosen people of the Lord to such a moment as this? Well, it began years before when Israel’s king, Ahab, married Jezebel. This is the story of Jezebel.

She was a Phoenician Princess. When she married Ahab, she brought with her her worship, the idolatrous worship of Baal. Not only that, she “… stirred up …” (*4) her husband, the scriptures say, to all manner of the grossest wickedness. (*5) And of course, Ahab went right along, and as Ahab went, so went his people. Eventually they came to the point where they halted between two opinions.

Now, great struggles such as these not only illuminate terrible villains – Jezebel – but they also glorify great heroes. These were the days of Elijah.

Well, in addition to introducing idolatry, Jezebel also slew the prophets of the Lord, (*5) and there are few things that anger the Lord more than that. She even tried to kill Elijah, causing him to have to run for his life.
Theft, adultery, murder, blasphemy, and the like was the way of Jezebel. And finally the Lord had had enough. “Thus saith the Lord…” he said through Elijah, “… The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.” (*6) That’s an awful prophecy!

Sometime later, the Lord sent a man named Jehu to fulfill it. He rode in to Jezreel. From a second story window, Jezebel saw him coming and taunted him. Jehu called up to Jezebel’s servants also in the window, “… Throw her down [out] …” And they did. And she fell two stories to the street below. Jehu and his men then rode their horses over her body again and again until the despicable queen was dead.

Now, when they came back later to bury her, nothing remained. (*7) The dogs had devoured her! In fulfillment of the Lord’s decree, Jezebel was dung in the field. (*8)

Now, why in the world does the Bible preserve such a gruesome awful story? – Well, because, yes, the Lord is merciful, loving and kind. But do not forget, He is also just, and His punishments can be terrible! Never, ever trifle with Him – ever!

Glenn Rawson – August 2010
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