014AR - Jesus Wept

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Divinely implanted in every human heart is a deep yearning that if heeded, will lead us into the arms of a caring and loving God. Call it, if you will, a divine instinct.

Laural had grown up with a child’s faith. From her earliest days, she believed that she was a child of God, but like so many of us, she sang the song without fully sensing the relationship it speaks of. Now, she developed the interesting habit early on of closing her prayers with her genealogy, so that God would know who was talking.

Well, time passed, and Laural married and started a family, but she still continued with the genealogy at the end of her prayers, only now she added her husband’s genealogy as well.

Then, a series of events turned her world upside down. Already struggling with the awesome responsibility of being a wife and the mother of four tiny children, her burden was suddenly increased by the cruel slander of someone she trusted. A horrible feeling of aloneness gripped her. There was no one she dared talk to, no one that could lift her burden. And to make matters worse, she was beset with serious health problems. All toll, the burden became crushing and unbearable.

One day, she literally sank beneath the weight. The pain became so intense, her knees buckled. She collapsed by her bed. Sobbing and praying, she pleaded with Heavenly Father to take her home, to release her.

Then something wonderful happened. She said it was as though “I felt arms [come] around me. I felt the sensation of being held and rocked. I felt,” she said, “someone else’s tears… Then I heard a very loving and gentle voice from somewhere next to my spirit say, ‘I know it hurts – so bad. But it will only be for a little while.’”

The effect this had on Laural was life changing. “I felt peace,” she said, “and love that left my … body tingling all over. I felt of my Father’s love and knew I really am a child of God. I knew in spite of His knowledge of everything and its outcome, He wept for my pain.”

Now my friends, I want us to understand our Father and our Savior. If it is important to us, it is important to Them. When we weep, They weep. When we rejoice, so do They. They are there!

Laural captured this experience in a poem. If you don’t mind I would like to share it.

With great despair, I bent my knee.
I asked Him, “Take me home!”
Instead, He reached out just to me –
Shed tears – I felt Him groan!
Jesus wept, the scriptures say,
Compassion wrung His soul,
He saw eternity away
But anguished at my woe.
He wrapped me in His arms and wept
And rocked ‘til turmoil calmed
And gave the power which reason kept,
I felt His healing balm.
As I draw strength from God above,
I thank Him for its depth;
That simple verse so filled with love.
I cried and Jesus wept.”

As Laural finished telling me this story, she added a postscript, “P.S. I don’t recite my genealogy any more.”

Adapted from Laural Ann Phelps, personal correspondence, poem entitled, “Jesus Wept.”
Glenn Rawson – May 1999
Music: "Jesus Wept" – Michael Leavitt
Song: "Our Savior's Love" – Hilary Weeks