011B - The Locksmith

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 1.

Not long ago some friends and I traveled to another city for a speaking engagement. I remember that as we carried our stuff inside to set up, I broke with my usual pattern of putting my keys in my suit pocket and … and I dropped them in my book bag instead.

Well, the meeting was fun and the people were wonderful. When it was over I picked up my book bag and all of our stuff and I carried it out to the van, and I put it in the van. I noticed as I did so that I also put in there a purse belonging to one of the group. Now as I did so I thought something like this: “I’d better not leave that thing in the van unlocked” So I stepped back, I hit the power locks, and I shut the door.

Oh – oh, no – no sooner was that door shut than I grabbed for my pockets. Yeah, my keys were locked in the van. I tried all the doors and windows. That van might as well have been Fort Knox. With my tools and skills, there was no way I was going to get into that van without breaking a window. Well, I felt kind of foolish. I went back and admitted what I had done. The others just laughed and took it all in stride.

But we had a predicament. We are miles from home and locked out of our vehicle late in the evening. Worse, I don’t personally know anyone in that town who can help me. There happened to be a couple of good-hearted fellows there who took pity on us and they began making phone calls. They made a bunch of calls. After a number of calls they managed to reach a fellow who owned a body and fender shop. I was impressed. He dropped what he was doing and immediately came straight over.

Now, as we sat there and watched, he took out his toolbox and in less time than it takes for me to tell this story, he had that door open. He made it look so easy, because for him it was easy.

Well, when it was all over with and we were inside of our van, I offered to pay him. He refused. Now, he could have made me feel like an idiot or that I had greatly inconvenienced him, but he didn’t, nor did the others who were there who helped me. A number of them stood by, chatted with us until we loaded up and drove off. I tell you I left that town with the neatest feeling towards those wonderful people, especially a kind man skilled with locks.

Now you wonder what this has got to do with anything? My dear friends, there is a lesson herein. Who among us has not locked ourselves [himself] out of the kingdom out of heaven - by our [his] own foolishness? No matter what we did, or said, or tried, there was no way for us to get in. We simply didn’t know how. Then along came caring friends, family, or church leaders who called on the master locksmith on our behalf. And He came, with kindness and with gentleness unlocked the door of heaven for us. My dear friends, without the Lord Jesus Christ, we would literally be out in the cold eternally.

I have a conviction – it’s difficult for me to explain this, but Christ is mighty to save; He is very good at what He does. And so I say this: To those of you who struggle with discouragement and disappointment because you just can’t be as good as you want to be, and you feel that there’s just no hope, I have a word of advice. Step aside and let the master work.

Glenn Rawson – June 2000
Music: The Locksmith – Michael Leavitt
Song: Masterpiece – Julie de Azevedo