006A - Robb & Caleb

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 1.

Sometimes the most powerful of sermons are not what we say; they’re what we do.

One day I was sitting in my church services listening to a young man who had just returned from two years in Detroit, Michigan. The first thing that impressed me was how much Robb had grown while he was gone. Now, he’d always been a big young man, a rodeo cowboy, well over six feet tall with a powerful build. But now, there was a – a spiritual bigness about Robb. You couldn’t see it, but you could feel it.

Well, Robb spoke to the theme of ‘letting your light shine before men,’ and he told of touching experiences with young children and elderly ladies. It was a sight to see. More than once this big tenderhearted cowboy was melted to tears as he spoke of people he had loved and reached out to in Michigan. His sermon was well spoken.

Now, when the meeting was over, the congregation began to sing the closing hymn. A young father, Marcus, stood up to direct the music. His little boy, Caleb, followed him up on the stand. As the song got under way and Dad’s arm got into motion, now all of a sudden, Caleb decides it’s time for exploration and adventure. He begins moving farther and farther away from his dad, running back and forth and in and out around the choir seats, having the time of his life, and all this to the entertainment in front of the entire congregation.

Well, from where I was sitting, it was obvious that Dad was uncomfortable. At first he just kept looking over his shoulder to see what Caleb was doing. But as Caleb got farther out, Dad got more and more nervous. Then, Dad stopped singing. Finally Dad stopped leading altogether, and turned around and motioned for Caleb to come back – who only grinned broadly and ran in the opposite direction. Now, what was Dad going to do? Junior was making a scene and disrupting the whole meeting. Should he skip the music, take off and chase the boy down and make it worse, or should he let Caleb go and pray that Caleb doesn’t make it any worse? Well, this was a dilemma. What’s Dad going to do?

Suddenly without any warning, my big cowboy friend stands up and walks back into the choir seats where Caleb is playing. Caleb sees him coming, and he starts to run thinking it’ll be a chase. But Robb simply sits down, and with a big grin on his face, motions for Caleb to come to him. Well, cautiously at first, Caleb sidles over to Robb, and Robb scoops him up on his lap and begins talking to him. To my surprise, Caleb nestles inside those big arms like he had known Robb all his life, and there he stayed for the rest of the meeting.

It’s hard to describe how that affected me. I guess being a dad, I have a soft spot for that. But in two quiet minutes with a tiny child, Robb taught me more about letting your light so shine before men than in the entire twenty minutes of his talk. I want to be more like that.

I pray the Lord to bless me that my actions will always cash the checks that my words so freely write.

From an experience in the Blackfoot 7th Ward Sacrament Meeting: Marcus & Caleb Adams, and Robb Dansie.

Glenn Rawson – April 11, 1999
Music: Robb and Caleb – Michael Leavitt
Song: Let Your Light So Shine – Liz Draper